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Santa Catalina Island

FEATURED: Santa Catalina Island

West off the coast of Los Angeles, the snorkeling off Catalina Island is popular for its diverse marine life among the rock reefs and kelp forests.

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How To Snorkel Safely


Our complete guide for learning to snorkel has ten tips for beginners. While snorkeling offers an amazing view of the underwater world below the waters surface, there are a few basis tips for beginners to ensure you have a positive and enjoyable experience. Learning to snorkel is very easy for everyone, if you follow our How To Snorkel Safely guide.

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Tips For Buying Snorkel Gear


Cheap snorkeling gear or snorkel gear that fits improperly is the number one reason for a bad snorkeling trip. It can add to your anxiety when in the water and cut your snorkeling short. With a few simple tips, you'll be able to select the right snorkel gear and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy your snorkeling experience.

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Snorkeling With Kids


There are many challenges for children learning to snorkel. Our guide to successful snorkeling with kids will save you a lot of stress ensuring an enjoyable experience. While this process may seem excessive, it really works and can save your snorkeling vacation.

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Located off the west coast of Bonaire, the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire has dozens of snorkeling dive sites surrounding the island. This video contains the best snorkeling on Klein Bonaire and features Jerry's Reef, Ebo's Reef, NoName Beach and the Sampler dive sites.


Roatan snorkeling offers some of the best water clarity and diverse marine life in the Caribbean. While snorkeling in Roatan, you may encounter dolphins, octopus, sharks, eels, lobster, filefish, butterflyfish, angelfish and sergeant majors. Some of the best Roatan snorkeling dive sites include the West Bay, the West End, Half Moon Bay, Sandy Bay, French Cays, CoCo View and Fantasy Island.