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Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling In Florida Keys Map
COUNTRY: USA   PROVINCE: Florida Keys   (Printer Version)
TITLE: Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling In Florida Keys
NOTES: Located off Key Largo, the Christ Of The Deep statue is a popular snorkeling destination within the Key Largo Dry Rocks Dive Site. It is a 9 foot tall bronze statue located in 20 feet of water. It is marked by a buoy, which is not usually visible due to the small swells. The Christ Of The Deep statue is a replica of the Christ Of The Abyss statue and was created by Guido Galletti. The best time for snorkeling here is at low tide. The area around the statue is also a blue gobies cleaning station.

The snorkeling at Christ Of The Deep is accessible by boat only. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the dive site, which is within a Sanctuary Preservation Area.

After a day snorkeling Christ Of The Deep, check out the Key Largo Conch House for some cold drinks.

While the snorkeling at Christ Of The Deep is possible year-round, most snorkelers usually shoot for March through September. There is usually some rolling surf at most snorkeling sites off Key Largo, while you can expect the flatest surf conditions from June through August.

When using a dive boat charter to reach the dive site, make sure to reconfirm the reservation the afternoon prior. Most dive boats select the site the afternoon prior or even the morning of the dive. Also, most dive boats have a minimum passenger requirement in order to leave dock meaning they may cancel at the last minute, so when reverifying the afternoon prior ask how many reservations they have. To reach the snorkeling in the Florida Keys by air, there are several options. The most popular option is to fly into Miami International Airport (MIA), which is served by all major US and international airlines. Also nearby, a potentially lower cost option is to fly into Ft Lauderdale airport (FLL). From either of these airports, you can rent a car to drive south on the Florida Turnpike a couple hours to reach the Florida Keys (watch out for automated cash-less toll highways along the way). Alternately, you can fly into Key West International Airport (EYW) which is served by several airlines including United/Silver Airways, Delta, USAir and Southwest. If you don’t mind coming into Key West, there is also the regular Key West Express ferry service (4 hours) that runs from Ft Myers.

Additional printed reading material on Christ Of The Deep snorkeling can be found in Snorkeling The Florida Keys  from Brad Bertelli.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: John Pennekamp State Park (305) 451-1202; Key Largo (800) 822-1088; Quicksilver/Reef Roamer Catamaran Snorkeling Tours (305) 453-0110; Sundiver custom snorkeling tours (305) 451-2220.
MAPS:  Florida Keys Dive Map from Franko Maps
SEASON: Mar. - Sep.
RATING: Moderate
BREAKFAST JOINT: Harrietts, Travenier
BASE CAMP: Key Largo Kampground (305) 451-1431
LUXURY LODGE: Westin Beach Resort Key Largo; Jules Undersea Lodge (305) 451-2353
QUESTIONS?: Click Here To E-Mail This Area
MOBILE: Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling In Florida Keys Mobile Guide
Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling Surf Report

Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling Dive Map

Printable Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling In Florida Keys Snorkeling Dive Map
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Christ Of The Deep Snorkeling In Florida Keys
Photo Location: Snorkeling Christ Of The Deep Off Key Largo (FL)

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