Best Kaanapali Snorkeling Dive Spots

The Kaanapali area has 2 snorkeling spots out of the 23 snorkel dives found in Maui.

  April 30, 2018

Located in Maui, the snorkeling in Kaanapali is known for two nice snorkel dive spots. The best Kaanapali snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Kaanapali Beach and Kahekili Beach Park. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a Kaanapali snorkeling dive below.

Where Can I Snorkel In Kaanapali?

FEATURED:  Kahekili Beach Park

  Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii

  April 30, 2018

North of Lahaina on Maui, the snorkeling at Kahekili Beach Park (aka Old Airport Beach) is popular with families due to its usually calm waters and numerous reefs. The best Kahekili Beach Park snorkeling is straight out from the pavillion where there is good coral and diverse marine life. You may encounter butterflyfish, humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Hawaiian state fish aka rectangular triggerfish), octopus and turtles.