Best Rum Point Snorkeling Dive Spots

The Rum Point area has 2 snorkeling spots out of the 26 snorkel dives found in Grand Cayman.

  October 2, 2018

Located in Grand Cayman, the snorkeling in Rum Point is known for two nice snorkel dive spots. The best Rum Point snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Rum Point Beach and Starfish Point. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a Rum Point snorkeling dive below.

Where Can I Snorkel In Rum Point?

FEATURED:  Rum Point Beach

  Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  May 1, 2018

Northeast of Georgetown and north of Boddentown on the northeast point, the snorkelling at Rum Point is known for its coral heads, sea whips and plentiful marine life. There are plentiful staghorn corals, brain corals and star corals. During Rum Point snorkeling, you may encounter yellowtail snapper, eagle rays, southern stingrays, yellow stingrays, baraccuda, grunts, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, triggerfish, angelfish, blue tangs, black durgeon, starfish and eagle rays.