Best Waianae Snorkeling Dive Spots

The Waianae area has 4 snorkeling spots out of the 24 snorkel dives found in Oahu.

  November 1, 2020

Located in Oahu, the snorkeling in Waianae is known for four scenic snorkel dive spots. The best Waianae snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Ko Olina Lagoons, Kahe Point Beach Park, Kaena Point State Park, and Makaha Beach Park. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a Waianae snorkeling dive below.

Where Can I Snorkel In Waianae?

FEATURED:  Kaena Point State Park

  Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

  April 30, 2018

Northwest of Honolulu on Oahu, the Kaena Point State Park is popular for snorkeling. The isolated, mile-long Kaena Point State Park beach is on the western tip of Oahu. During Kaena snorkeling, you may encounter sea turtles, trigger fish, parrot fish, surgeon, moorish idol and butterfly fish. While it is not really known for abundant marine life, the water visibility is excellent especially further out where the water runs about 12 feet deep over the sand and flat coral.

FEATURED:  Makaha Beach Park

  Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

  April 30, 2018

Northwest of Honolulu on Oahu, the snorkeling at Makaha Beach Park is the second most popular on Oahu, especially during the summer months. The best snorkeling is during the summer months and can be found on either end of the beach. Snorkelers at Makaha Beach Park will find diverse marine life including eels, sea turtles, manta rays and octopuses. There are caverns, tunnels and arches.

FEATURED:  Ko Olina Lagoons

  Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

  May 4, 2019

East of Honolulu, the snorkeling at Ko Olina Lagoons is known for its range of marine life including barracuda, butterflyfish, goatfish, moorish idols, surgeon fish and wrasse. The four manmade Ko Olina Lagoons are interconnected by a 1.5 mile path. The water depths range from 4 to 5 feet deep.