Best Waikiki Snorkeling Dive Spots

The Waikiki area has 5 snorkeling spots out of the 24 snorkel dives found in Oahu.

  May 29, 2019

Located in Oahu, the snorkeling in Waikiki is known for five enjoyable snorkel dive spots. The best Waikiki snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Hanauma Bay, Kewalo Basin, Kapiolani Park Beach, Queens Beach, and Kaalawai Beach. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a Waikiki snorkeling dive below.

Where Can I Snorkel In Waikiki?

Waikiki Snorkeling Resources

FEATURED:  Hanauma Bay

  Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

  May 29, 2019

East of Honolulu and southeast of Kuapa Pond on Oahu, the snorkeling at the Hanauma Bay Beach Park in the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve Park is known for its horseshoe bay filled with reefs to explore. The bay is a old volcanic crater and contains flat algae-covered reefs. When snorkeling off Hanauma Beach, you can expect to see millet-seed fish, raccoon fish, thread fin, butterfly fish, reef trigger fish, wrasse, convict tang, unicorn fish, squid, white-tipped reef sharks and occasional sea turtles. The Hanauma Bay snorkeling is protected from the large ocean waves for a gentle snorkel experience.

FEATURED:  Kaalawai Beach

  Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

  May 4, 2019

Southeast of Honolulu and Diamond Head, the snorkeling at Kaalawai Beach is known as the best snorkeling dive site close to Waikiki. The water clarity is much better than the beaches right at Waikiki. For the best snorkeling at Kaalawai Beach, try for a windless day with low surf and no rain on the days prior.

FEATURED:  Kewalo Basin

  Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

  April 30, 2018

Southeast of Honolulu on Oahu, the snorkeling at Kewalo Basin is well known for the scenic reef. Unfortunately, like the rest of Waikiki Beach snorkeling, the Kewalo Basin is not known for good water clarity. It has very poor visibility. For the best snorkeling at Kewalo Basin, try for a windless day with low surf and no rain on the days prior.