Best West Bay Point Snorkeling Dive Spots

  October 2, 2018

Located in Grand Cayman, the snorkeling in West Bay Point is known for one good snorkel dive spot. The best West Bay Point snorkeling based on popularity is considered to be Turtle Reef. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a West Bay Point snorkeling dive below.

Where Can I Snorkel In West Bay Point?

FEATURED:  Turtle Reef

  West Bay Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  October 2, 2018

North of Georgetown at the northwest point of Grand Cayman, the snorkelling at Turtle Reef is known for its isolation and quiet compared to other dive sites on the island. There are scattered coral formations about 60 feet offshore where a mini-wall dropoff starts. The region has an iron shore which allows for exceptionally clear and colorful water but there really isn't much to see in the 10 to 25 foot deep waters.