Best Bahamas Snorkeling

Bahamas has 10 snorkel dives.

  September 12, 2022

The snorkeling in Bahamas is well known worldwide. There are numerous Bahamas snorkeling spots that are worth checking out. Select one of the regions below to get additional information.

Where Can I Snorkel In Bahamas?

FEATURED:  Silver Point Reef

  Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

  July 31, 2016

South of Freeport off Silver Point Beach, the snorkeling at Silver Point Reef off Grand Bahama Island offers plentiful marine life. Overall, the snorkeling on Grand Bahama Island is very popular due to the clear waters. There are great coral beds for snorkelers to explore at Silver Point Reef.

FEATURED:  Elbow Cay

  Abacos Islands, Bahamas

  November 15, 2016

East of Marsh Harbour off Great Abaco, the snorkeling off Elbow Cay is popular for its clear waters. There are plenty of good snorkeling spots with diverse marine life.

FEATURED:  Stocking Island

  Exuma Cays, Bahamas

  January 18, 2020

Southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas, the snorkeling off Stocking Island is well known for its ring of undersea caves and the coral gardens. Stocking Island is a thin, long barrier island off George Town on Great Exuma Island.

FEATURED:  Exuma Cays Land Sea Park

  Exuma Cays, Bahamas

  November 19, 2016

Southeast of Nassau at the northwest end of Exuma Cays, the snorkeling at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is an amazing experience filled with dense marine life among the staghorn and elkhorn coral forests. The region is protected by the government under the Bahamas National Trust. It is known for its high water clarity with visibility up to 100 feet.

FEATURED:  Rose Island

  New Providence Island, Bahamas

  September 11, 2022

East of Nassau in the Bahamas, the snorkeling off Rose Island is well known. The best snorkeling near Nassau is in these reefs surrounding Rose Island. Nearby, there is also excellent snorkeling in Booby Rock Channel and Gambier Deep Reef, where you may find shallow underwater wrecks.

FEATURED:  Treasure Reef

  Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

  July 21, 2016

Southeast of Freeport and Lucaya Beach, the snorkeling at Treasure Reef off Grand Bahama Island is very popular for diverse marine life among elkhorn coral, brain coral and sea plumes. The boat-accessed Treasure Reef snorkeling dive site is located southeast of Lucaya. While snorkeling at Treasure Reef, you may encounter snapper, grunts, sergeant majors and goatfish. In this spur and groove reef formation the waters from 5 to 15 feet deep.

FEATURED:  Pelican Cay National Park

  Abacos Islands, Bahamas

  July 10, 2016

North of and just east of Great Bahama, the snorkeling at Pelican Cay National Park off the Abaco Islands is known for its shallow reefs that are habitat to sea turtles, grouper, jacks, spotted eagle rays and anglefish. The Pelican Cay National Park is a 2,000 acre maze of coral reef.

FEATURED:  Deadmans Reef

  Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

  July 22, 2016

Northwest of Freeport on the western shore of Grand Bahama Island, the snorkeling at Deadman's Reef offers plenty of marine life inside the barrier reef. The barrier reef is located several hundred feet offshore and is a good dive site for strong snorkelers.

FEATURED:  Great Guana Cay

  Abacos Islands, Bahamas

  November 15, 2016

North of Marsh Harbour off Great Abaco, the snorkeling at Great Guana Cay off the Abaco Islands is known for its shallow reefs. It is located off the old Guana Beach Resort. The best snorkeling spots are at Guana Cay Beach and Atlantic Beach. The Great Guana Cay is about 50 feet offshore of Abaco and has shallow reefs as well. During Guana Cay snorkeling, you may encounter angelfish, spotted eagle rays, parrotfish, stingrays, turtles and occasional resting nurse sharks.

FEATURED:  Thunderball Reef

  Athol Island, New Providence Island, Bahamas

  September 10, 2022

Northeast of Nassau off New Providence Island, the snorkeling at Thunderball Reef is along a shallow reef with excellent visibility. There are feather corals, brain coral, tube sponges, huge elkhorn coral stands and staghorn coral. In the 6 to 30 feet deep waters, keep an eye out for grouper, parrotfish, wrasse, snapper, grunts, french angelfish and Caribbean lobster.