Best Little Cayman Snorkeling Dive Spots

Little Cayman has 8 snorkel dives.

Located in Cayman Islands, the snorkeling in Little Cayman offers more than a half-dozen beautiful snorkel dive spots. The best Little Cayman snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Bloody Bay Marine Park, Preston Bay, Little Cayman Wall, Blossom Village, and Three Fathom Wall. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a Little Cayman snorkeling dive below.

Little Cayman Snorkeling (Photo By James Tibbetts)

Little Cayman Snorkeling (Photo By James Tibbetts)


Lea Leas Lookout

Of the northshore of Little Cayman Island, the snorkelling at Lea Leas Lookout site is considered one of the best on Little Cayman Island. During Lea Leas Lookout snorkelling, you may encounter hawksbill turtles, sponges, coral and diverse reef fish. The Lea Leas Lookout snorkeling is located northeast of South Town and the airport on the northshore.  MORE INFO

Bloody Bay Marine Park

Of the northshore of Little Cayman Island, the snorkelling at Bloody Bay Marine Park is known for its coral cliff, Three Fathom Wall. At this coral cliff about 900 feet offshore, snorkelers approach in 18 foot deep water and then look over Three Fathom Wall down 1,000 feet. The Bloody Bay Marine Reserve covers one-third of the north shore of Little Cayman.  MORE INFO

Preston Bay

On the southwest side of Little Cayman, the snorkelling in Preston Bay is good for beginner snorkelers. Preston Bay has sand flats with dense marine life in about six feet of water. At this shore-accessed snorkeling site, the water visibility while snorkelling Preston Bay is roughly 30 to 50 feet of water. During a Preston Bay snorkeling dive, you may encounter bonefish, silversides, jacks and conchs.  MORE INFO

Blossom Village

On the southwest side of Little Cayman, the snorkelling off Blossom Village is known for its shallow reef with diverse marine life. There is dense marine life among the brain coral and staghorn coral formations. The water depth for Blossom Village snorkelling is roughly 5 to 10 feet deep and the visibility is typically from 50 to 100 feet.  MORE INFO

Little Cayman Wall

On the west end of Little Cayman, the snorkelling off the Little Cayman Wall is popular for its coral reefs leading to a wall drop off. The water depth for snorkelling over the reef at Little Cayman Wall is about 15 feet. Many snorkelers use boat-access to explore the snorkeling at Little Cayman Wall.  MORE INFO

Owen Island

East of South Town and the airport, the snorkelling at Owen Island offers sand flats and isolated coral heads to explore. Located in the South Hole Lagoon, this snorkeling site is accessible by both shore and boat. During Owen Island snorkeling, you may encounter conchs, silversides, bonefish, and jacks.  MORE INFO

Point Of Sand

On the east end of Little Cayman, the snorkelling off the Point Of Sand is popular with beginner and expert snorkelers. At this shore-accessed snorkeling site, there is usually good visibility due to ideal currents flowing inside the protective reef. At Point Of Sand snorkelling sites, there are plenty of marine life and some coral heads in the sand flats.  MORE INFO

Travel Tips

Little Cayman Island is located about 60 miles to the northeast of Grand Cayman Island, and it is about 5 miles to the west of Cayman Brac Island. To reach Little Cayman Island by air, you will fly into the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) on Grand Cayman Island. Then, transfer to the inter-island airline to head to Edward Bodden Airfield (LYB) on Little Cayman Island. When departing the Cayman Islands, there is a departure tax of $37.50USD. This tax may be included in the airline ticket, but you will want to verify in advance.