Best New Providence Island Snorkeling Dive Spots

New Providence Island has 11 snorkel dives.

Located in Bahamas, the snorkeling in New Providence Island offers over ten good snorkel dive spots. The best New Providence Island snorkeling based on popularity are considered to be Rose Island, Thunderball Reef, Marsh Harbour, Goulding Cay, and Southwest Reef. For a detailed dive site description and printable snorkel dive map, just select a New Providence Island snorkeling dive below.

Snorkeling In New Providence

Snorkeling In New Providence


Rose Island

East of Nassau in the Bahamas, the snorkeling off Rose Island is well known. The best snorkeling near Nassau is in these reefs surrounding Rose Island. Nearby, there is also excellent snorkeling in Booby Rock Channel and Gambier Deep Reef, where you may find shallow underwater wrecks.  MORE INFO

Thunderball Reef

Northeast of Nassau off New Providence Island, the snorkeling at Thunderball Reef is along a shallow reef with excellent visibility. There are feather corals, brain coral, tube sponges, huge elkhorn coral stands and staghorn coral. In the 6 to 30 feet deep waters, keep an eye out for grouper, parrotfish, wrasse, snapper, grunts, french angelfish and Caribbean lobster.  MORE INFO

Goulding Cay

West of Nassau off New Providence Island, the snorkeling at Goulding Cay is along a shallow elkhorn coral reef. You can expect to see eagle rays, moray eels, snapper, grunts, damselfish turtles, and elkhorn coral among the elkhorn coral habitat.  MORE INFO

Southwest Reef

Southwest of Nassau in the Bahamas, the snorkeling at Southwest Reef off New Providence Island has massive elkhorn coral and staghorn coral formations. Within a Marine Protected Area, it is considered a great snorkeling dive spot. The waters are 5 to 30 feet deep and are known for their biodiversity.  MORE INFO

Baracuda Shoals

East off New Providence, the snorkeling at Baracuda Shoals off New Providence Island is known for its very colorful and healthy reef. The Baracuda Shoals have a scenic, vibrate reef of hard corals and sponges. It consists of three reefs in a triangle layout. During a Baracuda Shoals snorkel, you may encounter grouper, snapper, barracuda, grunts and several types of filefish in 8 to 30 feet deep water.  MORE INFO

Lyford Cay Beach

West of Nassau, the snorkeling at Lyford Cay Beach offers plenty of sand flats and some coral heads to explore. The dive site is located about 12 miles west of Nassau. Keep an eye out for fire coral which packs a strong sting if you touch it.  MORE INFO

Angelfish Reef

Northeast of Nassau off New Providence Island, the snorkeling at Angelfish Reef offers protected waters with plenty of reef fish. This boat-accessed dive is in 20 foot deep waters. During Angelfish Reef snorkeling, you may encounter grey angelfish, snapper, french angelfish and stingrays among the huge elkhorn coral formations.  MORE INFO

Love Beach

West of Nassau, the snorkeling at Love Beach offers a 40 acre protected underwater reserve to explore. During Love Beach snorkeling, you may encounter damselfish, snapper, parrotfish, butterflyfish and angelfish among rock reefs and brain coral.  MORE INFO

Fish Hotel

Northeast off New Providence and east of Salt Cay, the snorkeling at Fish Hotel off New Providence Island is popular for its very colorful reef. This boat-accessed dive site is in 16 to 24 feet of water. During a Fish Hotel snorkeling dive, you may encounter French angelfish, Queen angelfish, grunts and barracuda among soft corals (not many hard corals here), sea fans and seaplumes.  MORE INFO

Travel Tips

To reach New Providence Island by air, most travelers will fly commercial airlines into Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS). In case you plan to explore the out islands from Nassau, you can either use Bahamas Air (which is known for late departures) or use the mail boat ferry service (393-1064).